Nord C2D Organ unveiled at NAMM

Clavia are presenting the new update to the C organ family, and this time it has drawbars. This will be a serious competition to the newly introduced Hammond SK2 organ. Nord organs are build like a tank, and both the C1 and C2 models have received great feedback from buyers.

It should be available in Europe in february, will sell for 3499USD.

Currently the nord C2 is sold for 2390EUR incl VAT in Europe at Thomann (link).
The pedalboard in the photo is the Pedal Keys 27.

The Nord C2 Organ

The Clavia team figured there is a big marked of church organ players that need a small home organ for practicing or playing where there’s no church organ. They fitted a baroque style organ into the C1 and launched the C2 organ. They also launched the Nord Pedal Keys 27, which is a full size (even bigger than on a B3 organ) pedal board with longer pedals, making it possible to play with classical technique using both toe and heel.  The downside is that these pedals are so wide, that they will not fit under the C1/C2 using the C1 legs, a special wide stand is necessary.

The Nord C1 Organ

I’ve had the C1 organ for a few years now, and it did actually change my life, as I didn’t have any real dual manual alternative to the real B3 before. When the C1 was introduced it was a much lighter alternative to Hammond Suzuki’s hammond clones. Suzuki’s one manual flagship XK3 weighs 19kg’s, and that’s only for one manual. On a good PA system or speaker the C1 sounds pretty good. With the legs, a volume pedal, cables  and the C1 bag (with weels) it weighs around 31kgs.